Meet The Flowers Family

Meet the flower family - types of flowers (roses, carnations, gerberas, lilies, orchids, etc) and how to care for them

Flowers are the sweetest things God ever made, and forgot to put a soul into, now you can put small part of your soul, make it more alive and send it to someone you love.Flowers are most beautiful thing on earth. They make us feel positive and happy. Flowers are perfect means to convey your feelings without uttering a single word. They very well play role of beautiful messenger. Rainbow can shy looking at the vibrant color of flowers, they wear colors such as red, yellow, green, pink, white, lavender and many more to bring blissfulness in our lives. Every flower signifies something hence for your next flower order take a suggestion from below to make sure that selected flowers are truly expressing your feelings.

Colors fill are life with mystic let us know what does each color signifies and tells.

Red is color of passion, love and Spontaneity.

Yellow makes you feel happy, joyful, friendship, sometimes jealous and off course the start or new beginning.

Blue Helps you keeping clam, signifies openness and harmony.

Orange is for enthusiasm, confidence and empathy.

Green is for good health, resilience and stability.

Pink is for sweetness, innocence and youth.

Lavender represents femininity and refinement.

Purple signifies admiration, pride and success.

White is for peace, purity and respect.

Peach signifies appreciation, gratitude and wisdom.

Coral is for love and desire.

Red &White represents bonding, everlasting love and togetherness.

Red &yellow is for new romance and falling in love.

There is one flower for every occasion however you can make your personal selection to convey your true emotions.

Red Rose signifies love, when you give red rose to someone, itsays that you deeply adore and love that person. It is generally associated with lovers however you can give it to anyone with who you feel connected and wish to show you love. It could be your mom, sister, dad, brother or friend. 

Butter Cup is for cheerfulness. If you want to wish someone a great day then this is the best flower. Make your loved ones day by sending them bunch of Butter Cup flowers with a sweet note saying “have a nice day”

Daisy is for innocence, they are perfect to welcome new mom and new born. Itmakes people feel loved and cared and show you adore their innocence as human being.

Carnation is for love, red Carnation for longing, stripped Carnation represent refusal thus choose wisely before you sendingCarnations.

Wild flower is quite a rare flower which signifies love.

Iris shows your hope, faith and courage. This is prefect flower to send someone going through hard period to ensure that you are there.

Hyacinth is for apology and regret, it says more than rose when you want to convey you are sorry.

Orchid showcases refine love, so when you want to elegantly convey your love then send orchid flowers.

Lily shows your care and protection towards your loved ones. It also represents purity and true majesty.

Sunflower is for cheerfulness, admiration and happy ambience.